Invisible pain…

Hello my readers ,

This is the third poem that I wrote for you guys. I hope you like it. Enjoy 🙂


I am an irrelevant being to you

Just passing by and I see you

crawled on top of a bench in the corner

And I could see your story

like a movie playing in my head so quickly

Someone who should have been

your guide light, your light house,

And he’s never there for you

He doesn’t even get you, I swear

If I can I’d make him see through

all your flaws and still make him

love you more everyday.

Though I’d love to hear your laugh

I’m afraid we cannot change people.

You’re tied to him but it’s invisible

In pain you keep by his side

For you he’d never search the oceans

He’s forgotten you were once his precious pearl.

He is convinced he loves you enough though,

he claims that this is the best he can be

He tears you down at times but

You and I know that you are,

both the paper that gets torn and the tape,

that glues the smithereens together once again.

Be ready, a week or a month, he’s gonna tear you apart again.

And I am crying now knowing

you do not deserve this pain you are receiving…



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