A melody…

Hello there, my lovely reader, today I wrote this little piece of writing while listening to inspirational music . I had this moment where I was kinda transferred in to “another world” where I was feeling too many emotions. I was drowning in my thoughts and  I was only reassured that music is indeed truly the universal language, I was so motivated afterwards so I decided to share it with you all. Maybe you’d like what I wrote . I hope you enjoy it 🙂

“I am chaos. I admit that I can be a mess sometimes but nothing is ever permanent. So is me being the epitome of a mess.

I break the silence when I am sane, but I lose my melody when I am insane. Honestly I am kind of exhausted by keeping my eyes open on a daily basis. I cry and I weep, I guess that’s a part of my routine.

I came to the realization that being lonely and alone are completely separate entities the day I felt that I was happy to be by myself instead of spending a night out with my friends out in the city. But people tell me that I am lonely when I am not. And hence the chaos in my head choosing whether I am actually lonely or not. And I think things through at these times about my life.

So I need to tell you, that there will come a time and a place where you’d just lie there by yourself thinking,

“Where did I go wrong? How do I find her? What did I miss? Is she really one in a million?”

You are bound to feel hopeless. It’s a part of life. For all the times you’d be hopeless, you’d gain an equal number of hopeful moments so you know which is more valuable. You can find it out for yourself.

And when you meet a hopeless moment I’d hope you’d have the courage to pick yourself up and give yourself a pat in the back and say, “You ARE nearly there, you just have to hold on for a little longer hun!”

And I promise you will see the most beautiful things in the world.

I might not know your name,

I might not know how old you are,

I might not know where you are from,

I might not know what your passions are ,

I might not know what you dreamed of becoming when you were nine,

I might not know your favorite movie,

I might not know what music you listen to,

Hell I might not even know if you like tea or coffee,

But I know for SURE, that we both were looking for each other all along.

That’s what I keep telling myself everyday and see, I am holding on alright…”

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Invisible pain…

Hello my readers ,

This is the third poem that I wrote for you guys. I hope you like it. Enjoy 🙂


I am an irrelevant being to you

Just passing by and I see you

crawled on top of a bench in the corner

And I could see your story

like a movie playing in my head so quickly

Someone who should have been

your guide light, your light house,

And he’s never there for you

He doesn’t even get you, I swear

If I can I’d make him see through

all your flaws and still make him

love you more everyday.

Though I’d love to hear your laugh

I’m afraid we cannot change people.

You’re tied to him but it’s invisible

In pain you keep by his side

For you he’d never search the oceans

He’s forgotten you were once his precious pearl.

He is convinced he loves you enough though,

he claims that this is the best he can be

He tears you down at times but

You and I know that you are,

both the paper that gets torn and the tape,

that glues the smithereens together once again.

Be ready, a week or a month, he’s gonna tear you apart again.

And I am crying now knowing

you do not deserve this pain you are receiving…



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A walk…

Bundles of joy wrapped in to a soul

I walk the lanes of my heart’s core

Life is beauty, standing bright and tall

I repeat aloud, in my head before I go to war

Times are daunting when there’s no company

But I pretended that I’m better by myself anyway

My brain is a beautiful disaster dissolving away

Into nothingness while everyone goes their merry way

I never understood how one can be

A slave to their mind, and a burden to be

I guess with time I will come in to see

If life sometimes isn’t made up for people like me