Long time, it’s been…

Hello my lovely reader!

Long time no see, my apologies. I have come back to the farm life and now everything is different. Sky is different, the shape of the atmosphere is different, the food I eat are different, and to my great disappointment my teeth feel different too. I think the water tastes somewhat weird. Anyway you know I am from a far-away-land right? But I will spend my summer holiday in an even more far-away-land! In the midst of this farmland. My parents have decided to plant strawberries here and I will be helping them all summer.

There was a reason that I have not been blogging everyday. Sometimes I get zoned out and it takes ages to get back to the reality. The fact that I used ‘was’ instead of using ‘is’ does not imply that I do not get zoned out anymore. I still do. But sometimes it is manageable and sometimes it is far from manageable. So I wonder would I have to live my life like this the whole time?

I think reading thought provoking books have driven me in to galaxies that I am still a newbie to. I have been reading John Green’s ‘Turtles all the way down’. I don’t think you know but he is one of my most favorite writers…ever to walk this earth. As my sister has told me her friends do not like his writing because they like a happy ending all the time. But what’s the point of a happy ending if it’s just that typical ‘and they lived happily ever after’? I like when an ending makes you wonder which way the story would have gone from there, you know? It’s annoying but it’s sorta comforting too. I can imagine what I want to, the writer does not necessarily tell me what to believe.

I have started writing more and more poems too. I love putting words in to stanzas and spend every minute of the day thinking of rhymes, which is so much fun. And something I’ve also noticed is that I pay more attention to song lyrics whereas I would just dance to the beat before. When I hear a good rhyme I am over the moon. And I can NOT! Believe how perfect that rhyme suits a particular place. I sound weird now, so I am gonna end it here.

I can not promise you that I will post every day, but I will try my best to unless I am busy zoning out. But right now, I am thanking you so much for reading this very post till the very end because you know, not a  lot of people hang around till the end.



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