A dreamer holds on regardless…

Hello lovely reader! I hope you are having a great day today.

So I was thinking what should I write about today? And I was in the midst of putting my words in to a rhythm when I finally came across this! (I was also listening to music)

12 year old me would have never thought that the name “Taylor Swift” would become a name that I would grow up to adore. It’s indescribable. She is the reason that I wanted to play guitar. She is the reason that I wanted to sing. And above all she is still the reason that I keep singing and dancing and playing music and going nuts at 12 am.

I can pin point  so clearly the moment that my best friend asked me if I’ve heard this song called Love story. It was 2009. And I was like,

“letmme check it out when I go home” (We could not use phones at school)

And in comes me the next day, with loads to talk about her. I had read her entire Wikipedia page in one night and her whole story. Where she is from, how old she was, her full name, how many instruments she played, her passion for country music…just everything.

I talked about her that whole week with my best friend till she got sick of my voice. I imagined what it would like to become a musician and she was my number one inspiration.

Now keep in your mind that this was before her albums “1989” or “Red”. It was before everyone knew her, before she became a household name. This year 2017, it’s been almost eight whole years that I have been a fan of her.

Recently when I am asked,

“So…what kinda music do you listen to?”

I fear that people might judge me, because when they hear the name Taylor Swift I think their perspective could be different. She has achieved so much since starting out as the girl playing in Nashville. But to me she is still the same old Taylor that I would sing along to in front of an old big ass computer.  I am so happy whenever I meet a “Swiftie” because I know that I have a person to share my admiration of her music with.

You know how you feel when something goes right and you don’t regret a single thing? That’s how I feel about finding Taylor’s music. I have been here all along and I am still standing right here and I do not plan on not calling myself a “Swiftie…”

But to my great disappointment I have never seen her live. And it’s really heartbreaking to see her come and go every time to my country but I never get to see her. I feel like one of her songs at times.

I live so far away from where she performs every time. Same with the “reputation” tour next year. To be honest I am super bummed. But I’d have to suck it up till I one day will be able to go to her concert. Whether that’s gonna be in three years, five years or even ten years…that I do not know. I want it to be my first concert because I want it to be the most beautiful day in my entire life. And I will hold on until that day comes. I have waited since 2009 and I can wait a little longer.  Maybe that will make that one moment even more beautiful.

And I never knew that You can actually miss people you have never met in your damn life ! Maybe it’s because her music speaks to me very much. On the other hand I think if I ever get to meet her I would be so overwhelmed I might drop down dead. But I’d still give it a try. Is it concerning? I do not know.

She opened me up to country music and just music in general. And she showed me that music can make you feel and help me share moments, moments that I otherwise would not have been able to freeze.

And those secret sessions that she’s been having for her fans! I could not be happier for those lucky fans!  And I am happy even thought it’s not me, but someone got to meet this adorably talented young women.

Dear Tay Tay, I love you very much for every lyric you have written, whether they made you cry or made you laugh you helped loads of people through your music, still do. I just want to give you a big hug and sing along to some of your songs with you. Let me dream big and I will tell you all of this when I one day meet you 🙂



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