A walk down the tunnel….

Hello my lovely reader,

So a couple of weeks ago, I made plans with one of my best friends to go to beach. We had been planning this trip for so long but never quite got around to actually doing it.

But on this gloomy (not so sunny day ) we had to ride the bus and also walk for 1.5 km to the starting point of the walkway that goes down the hill to the beach. The walk down the hill took us about 30 minutes. It was a little steep and at times we had to hold on to the fence posts on the sides for support.


I am using the term ‘beach’ but there was not much of a beach. Because a hill sits next to the ocean, there was only a narrow path to walk down. This great formation of the rocks near the sea made it truly a marvelous sight. The water gently swaying up and down at one end of the hill while the bay area was filled with more powerful waves almost like trying to snatch away parts of the rocks in the edge.



It was very windy and my friend was saying that  high tide might come if we got stuck there. We planning to go for a swim as well but the weather was not the best for a swim. So we took advantage of the gloomy day and took loads of pictures. We might have looked stupid but it was so beautiful I could not care less.




The tunnel that leads down to a much more secluded part of the beach was also a very interesting sight. We could smell the salty smell of the sea inside the tunnel, the walls were super cold and the waves would reach the tunnel during the high tide. We did not get to spend much time there as we were running against time. But I made sure to take some pictures. It was a tiring day but it was all so worth it. And on the other hand I have new memories with my friend who also left to her home country the next week. So until we meet again, I will treasure these brand new memories.





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